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Phylum invites Chinese interpret outside assist the expert comes my courtyard ho
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Late on June 23, 2008, learning of campus multi-purpose building reports on the west hall, lecture of learning of a special subject is being held. Lecture theme is the interpreter ” that “ people culture is short of the person that break, honored guest of give a lecture Mr Wang Yongtai. Mr Wang is Chinese interpret assist member of individual of association of interpreter of science and technology of expert member, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, " Chinese science and technology is translated " the magazine is hired especially read and edit, Guangzhou interpret assist and interpret of Guangzhou science and technology assist director of reputation of institute of interpreter of province of standing director, Guangdong, also be my courtyard major at the same time committee member of directive committee outside school, visiting professor. This second lecture also is 07 Shang Ying “ one of grand operas of ” of professional and cognitive exercitation.

In the lecture, the honored guest began to introduce the interpreter ” with “ people vacant culture from ” of cool tea of “ coffee ” and “ this theme. He thinks, the culture of every nation can have certain and distinctive place, its name term often is place of other people culture vacant. Subsequently, the honored guest offerred different interpreter processing technique, if “ is pure,+ of transliteration of ” of transliteration ” , “ pure free translation, “ transliterates ” and “ name to be added from master, transliteration commentate ” . In addition, the interpreter processing of ” of cool to “ tea had the honored guest very meticulous with extensive research, highlight the alias of article of the Chinese nation that the bound comes out to be able to accept ’ of interpret of ‘ pure tone outside showing its “ to let to call ” patriotic heart, your person is touched.

This second lecture plans half hours, but deferred end of a hour finally. Attendant fellow student is serious attend a lecture, exeunt without one person midway. Applied foreign language fastened Director Yang Guomin to chair this second lecture, those who attend this lecture still teacher of director of rainbow of dawn of Shang Ying staff room, Liangyan China waits.

We issued my courtyard to Mr Wang Yongtai on the meeting visiting professor letter of appointment. Mr Wang is returned before the meeting and 06 Shang Ying (interpreter direction) the classmate of the class had have an informal discussion.

(origin: Phylum application foreign language fastens Yang Guomin to offer sketch outside)