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Famous learned man Professor Theo Hermans comes to international interpreter bou
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Will arrive this year in March in April, director of phylum of Holand of institute of university of London of famous professor, England Professor Theo Hermans comes to international on invitation the phylum outside Tsinghua university serves as period 3 weeks interpreter studies series learning lecture.

 Mr Theo Hermans is one of scholars that current international translates a bound to enjoy high reputation, the depict interpreter that he advocates learns to having far-reaching effect all over the world, make the main trend that translates research now. The lecture that Hermans teachs is main around Disciplinary Objectives, imaging Translation, translation And Self-Reference, cross-Cultural Translation Studies As Thick Translation, dolet Rules, schleiermacher's Hermeneutics And Romantic Translation, derrida's Babel: The respect such as Post-structuralism And Translation spreads out. Professor Hermans of the lecture and wide big teachers and students begin vivid and thorough discussion for many times, make everybody is fastened not only all and the history that clear understanding studies to the interpreter and current situation, more allow authority bring into contact with world interpreter domain is foremost the development of the edge is dynamic.

( of foreign language department offers draft Http://news.tsinghua.edu.cn)