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Phylum is held outside " the interpreter of 5 kinds of style " academic lecture
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19 days, phylum invites outside south open university Wang Hong to imprint the professor fastened a student to do a problem to be for the foreign language " the interpreter of 5 kinds of style " academic lecture. Wang Hong imprints the professor is now south opening university English is major of literature of language of adviser of professor, doctoral student, English stationmaster of postdoctoral flow station. Hold the position of Chinese flower Chinese to compare seminar vice-chairman at the same time, china crosses culture intercourse to learn standing director, whole nation to translate Master major the numerous society post such as committee member of committee of degree education guidance, it is our department major education builds direct form expert. Professor Wang combines his old teacher and student and scientific research experience, with the example of the language of the life, full and accurate, the sort that ground of explain the profound things in a simple way explained to translate for students, characteristic and the skill in practice, point to the way that understands major study for the student, solved the doubt of study, got show up warm reception of the student. It is reported, phylum will continue to widen outside Yo person channel, hold the chair of high quality for the student, stimulative student develops in the round.
(come from: Foreign language of institute of Tianjin engineering normal school is fastened)