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Xie Tianzhen of university of Shanghai foreign language is taught " the interpre
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On October 23 afternoon at 3 o'clock, sponsor by literature and news institute, china compares literature to learn university of foreign language of vice-chairman, Shanghai to thank Tian Zhenjiao to award " interpreter of Lost In Translation—— studies new view " special subject lecture in Jiang An the campus teachs B404 newly to hold.

Xie Jiao is awarded from a money interpret idiom and a film the interpreter of title introduces, to classmates the introduced interpreter research development of explain the profound things in a simple way and current situation, those who emphasize the action of translator translation and interpreter backside is ideological, encourage classmates to consider to make his contribution for the interpreter.

The lecture can be taught by Yang Wu chair, about a hundred classmate is present attend. The speech that Xie Jiao gives a many hour lets classmates considered to have brand-new knowledge to the interpreter, in free query link, thank a professor replying is to win classmates more blast an enthusiastic applause.

It is reported, borrow “ to compare literature and teacher of key member of college of world literature course to grind during repairing class ” to be held in Sichuan university, literature and news college are special inviting foreign language of professor of cloud of happy to Beijing University black, Tsinghua university is Normal University of Professor Wang Ning, Shanghai Professor Sun Jingyao, and south university of foreign language of Professor Rao 芃zi, Shanghai thanks the university. This second lecture regards this as last of series, the comparison that is by a definite date 3 days literature and lecture of world literature series drew a satisfactory full stop.

(the article comes from Sichuan university literature and news institute net)