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Academic assistant dean, rich is translated to guide Wang Dongfeng teachs our de
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On November 26 in the evening, wind of Wangdong of adviser of assistant dean of college of Zhongshan university interpreter, doctoral student teachs our department lecture. Professor Wang comes this the title of lecture is “ passivity voice goes the functional deficit ” of interpret, our department teacher and part took an examination of grinding student to listen to a class. Professor Wang from " brief · loves " a medium case analyses derivative topic, point out between the interpreter, english passivity many the active that be by interpret, but below some circumstances this kind changes interpret meets those who cause discourse function to be out of shape, destroy poetics function thereby. Wang Jiao awards those who point out passive voice to use although was lost,be in in literary work clear and coherent, conveyed the literary sex in work ably, also be such expression, attracted the eyeball of reader curiosity. Teacher of the our department after the class and student raised many concerned questions to Professor Wang, for a short while classroom entered enthusiastic learning to discuss in. Through listening to the class of Professor Wang, our department teacher strode again on interpreter theory and practice one pace.

Professor Wang Dongfeng is in lecture of our department teachers and students
(literature of language of foreign country of benefit state institute is fastened)