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The poetic interpret of poetic flavour -- English poetry translates academic lec
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On April 13 weekday in the morning 9 when 30 minutes, the translates about poem of English rules and forms of classical poem learning lecture that Huanali is versed in institute of university foreign language held a Luo Rebing to teach give a lecture in 4502 rooms. The concerned worker worker that visits the site appoint professor, foreign language institute is emeritus teacher, 06, 07 rise only this student and this courtyard undergraduate students.

Lecture at the beginning, luo Jiao gives the goal that put forward to hold this chair and hope. He expects the interpreter experience oneself to impart young generation, get acceding with carry on. Then, the interpreter “ of next popularity when Luo Jiao awarded ground of explain the profound things in a simple way to explain configuration is beauty of beauty of artistic conception of —— of theory of 3 beautiful ” , phonic musical sound, beautiful, go up in this foundation, luo Jiao awards what sum up a hazy beauty and Bodamei again academic. He still analysed poetry When You Are Old sentence by sentence (" when you aged " ) , share the result of his interpreter to experience with everybody. To explain poetry better, luo Jiao is awarded review analyse poem of rules and forms of classical poem of Chinese ancient time, serve as with this contrast and consult. Listen respectfully the interpret poem that Luo Jiao teachs reading, admire the beautiful expressions of interpret poem, everybody also ases if be personally on the scene, times suffer infection. In interactive link, everybody raises hand query eagerly, luo Jiao is awarded give wholeheartedly solve. Later, give cooperation with Luo Jiao the long Xu Jiao of half century awarded pair of this lectures to give height the opinion, dean Zhang Fengchun assistant also did summary to this. Audience of lecture whole journey is rapt, from which benefit bandit is shallow.

The lecture of two many hours ended very quickly. Everybody cherishs revered affection to applause professor of send off collect. This the lecture aroused everybody to be opposite the strong interest of English poetry and interpreter, the have deep love for affection that deepened everybody to be changed to turning over translation.