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One of lectures of series of foreign language institute -- associate professor o
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Late on March 29, 2007 7: 30, associate professor of vie of party of foreign language institute in boreal area 3713 classrooms hold a problem to translate the medium academic lecture that creates ” again for “ literature, this second lecture is sponsorred by round general branch of foreign language institute. More than 300 students attend my school lecture.

This second lecture key undertook literature the reciprocity in the interpreter is talked and optimize talked comparison, cause the great interest of broad student and attention. Party teacher thinks reciprocity talking devoteds to strongly the interpreter of origianl work although with textual and consistent, but devoid art is beautiful. And the art in literary interpreter is created again optimize namely theory use this nation as far as possible the most beautiful language will translate textual. Although not be a word word and textual and identical, but express the idea of can better expression, and easily inside melt into the culture of this nation, the function that has what culture travels truly. While party teacher is introducing theoretically quote copiously from many sources, abounded the content of the lecture, students are resonant and enthusiastic. After active interactive query segment the lecture ends.

This second lecture conduces to enhance the broad student knowledge to professional knowledge, raise what learn to English to use capacity further, rise further to English use capacity, believe everybody can be harvested somewhat, and the academic atmosphere construction that this also urged my courtyard.
(author: Round general branch of institute of foreign language of — of the Youth League of university of northwest politics and law)