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River retail sales translates association to hold academic chair
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On October 24, should of city interpreter association invite, professor Jin Huikang came to institute of technology of river door profession to do a problem to be " ' of ' China English studies " academic lecture. Interpret assist member and hang rely on teachers and students of college of technology of profession of unit river door listen respectfully of nearly 300 people lecture.

In the lecture, professor Jin Huikang made all-around illuminate with respect to the concept of ” of “ China English, he says, chinese English is normative English, it is the main component of international English, the “ that is not generation of the place in process of English of Chinese student learning transfers language ” (Interlanguage) , because insufficient and English level is careless,not be fictional more English. The tenet that advocates Chinese English should use normative English to describe China culture and society namely. The end that advocate and uses Chinese English is to can describe those individual things in Chinese culture and society better, be like ” of “ China idea (Chineseness) , make easily international reader understands, communicate in order to promote what thing Fang Wen changes, understanding and collaboration.

After the lecture ends, professor Jin Huikang and interpreter academician had thorough communication.

The lecture gets very good result. Member people express, deepen the research to Chinese English, can deepen the understanding of antonym character and language, language and culture, language and thinking further, this has important direct sense to Chinese English education and interpreter not only, also have the active sense that cannot underestimate to the politics between China and international society, economy and culture communication even.

(Huang Qihan of association of interpreter of river retail sales offers sketch)