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Institute of foreign language of Sichuan Normal University holds interpreter lea
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Late on October 16 19: 00, one learns ministry, science department to sponsor by institute of foreign language of Sichuan Normal University, the academic lecture of the artistic ” that the name of give a lecture of white Li of outstanding youth teacher translates for “ in building of the 4th education 311 classrooms are held. Li Yuan of minister of ministry of study of foreign language institute, science department's classmate is held the position of chair.
Above all, compere elaborated him on behalf of all classmate that be present the understanding to the interpreter, raised the question about the interpreter.
Subsequently, graduate student of Sichuan Normal University holds pedagogic white Li concurrently formal begin lecturing. The specific issue such as medium important principle made the content of the about the interpreter meaning that she puts forward in the light of classmates, interpreter and interpreter actual combat be solved in detail. She points out, the interpreter is the communication of the language not just, it is the understanding of pair of different culture more, it is to span between country and country the mainest bridge of bounds. White teacher still waits for interactive means through quizing, the help overcomes the be afraid of difficulty of classmates, bashful wait for a mood, disentomb actively classmates are right of the interpreter sensitive with endowment.
20: 00, the lecture ends in the enthusiastic applause of all classmate.