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Chinese interpret assist seminar of law of the interpret in transmitting interpr
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By China interpreter association transmits interpreter committee to sponsor external, the 12nd when foreign language press undertakes in interpret law seminar was in China on June 20, 2008 foreign language bureau is held, come from ministry of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, culture, Ministry of Agriculture, medium couplet ministry, Xinhua News Agency, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, in the center of compile bureau, CCTV, China International press of broadcast broadcasting station, foreign language, medium now country language of university of foreign language of magazine company, Beijing weekly company, Beijing University, Beijing, Beijing.

Home of interpreter attending the meeting around about aseismatic provide disaster relief, many 500 vocabulary of the respect such as work of religion of two meetings, nation, Gu Jin, agriculture undertook world interpreter congress, National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference discuss ardently. Foreign nationality changed draft expert Sabine De Barbuat to undertake the spot answers doubt.

The seminar outside interpret is China in interpreter association transmits interpreter committee to serve external at outside announce career, serve the significant activity at the society. Consult the expert of the meeting the job is serious, meticulous, rigorous, in interpret flower, medium the mechanism that interpret law delibrate already went to be perfected quite at present, for industry the person of the same trade provided a good communication platform.