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The professor in Guojian of home of countrywide famous interpreter comes my scho
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On June 16 afternoon 2:00, should foreign language institute invites, the foreign language that the professor in Guojian of home of our country famous interpreter was student of phylum of English department, day to do a problem to be “ study sth in order to apply it learns the lecture of methodological ” .

The professor in Guojian is professor of college of Zhejiang university foreign language, enjoy the State Council special allowance. Thing of Chinese interpret assistant manager, zhejiang translates association chairman. Professor Guo is translating practice and academic research respect to have very tall contribution. Can saying is scholar of full-length of a composing. Guo Jiao gives the first person that is science fiction of our country interpret, popular science, he is translated in all, compiled the science fiction work of 900 much words. The top prize — that ever obtained sci-fi of 1991 year world to translate a bound Qiapeike (Carel Capek) translates award. This one award our country asks a vessel without the 2nd person up to now. Literary interpreter respect has " Lu Bin inferiors to be written down afloat " , " the person that kill a deer " , " Tie Cao " wait for more than 10 full length, medium piece with the short story, still translated Zhejiang to save many outside announce data, communicate external for what Zhejiang saves made graven contribution.

Professor Guo waits to be mentioned about successful formula from Einstein, edison, to how undertaking valid foreign language study undertook be elaboratinged very well, the lecture that Guo Jiao gives has macroscopical study fixed position and guidance not only, also have microcosmic and careful concrete analysis and operation, introduced “ in detail observation, memory, imitate, the effective foreign language that uses ” alive studies measure, attendant student got very big inspiration, lecture atmosphere is very enthusiastic. The problem that feels bemused in study of the foreign language when Professor Guo returns life of go to school refers answer.

After the lecture ends, guo Jiao awards put oneself out of the way and English department teacher to have have an informal discussion, how to undertake learning considers to locate, if where manages,the contradiction such as education scientific research undertook guidance, be present the teacher feels results is quite much. (come from: Institute of foreign language of — of Zhejiang forest institute)