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Interpreter of " Buddha book and culture compose establish " chair
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Late on October 22 7:00, foreign language institute held this session in A301 of building of education of foundation of campus of clear water river the lecture that the 2nd period problem is interpreter of “ Buddha book and culture compose to build ” , by give a lecture of Huang Jin of outstanding youth teacher.

The lecture of Mr. Huang Jin basically can be divided for two parts, the influence that translates Shi Hefo to learn pair of China culture and “ culture compose build ” . Through be opposite rabbi of black big and thick translates " kind be like classics of pineapple sweet heart " analysis of word for word, mr. Huang to everybody illuminate a few main drive of Buddhist thought. Classmates were deepened to be opposite in the interpreter's process Buddhist understanding.

This second lecture let classmates have farther knowledge to buddhism not only, more those who let everybody experience an interpreter is important the aesthetic feeling with literal crossing-over.

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