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Feng Qinghua teachs a lecture: Red building chases after interpret, Cong Gongxue
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Report from our correspondent (Shen Tianjun) late on June 4, feng of adviser of vice secretary of school Party committee, doctoral student Professor Qing Hua published thinking platform, the introduction with full and accurate and cross angle of culture text contrast, the encyclopedia ——— that leading the student outside going up to take “ China culture " red Lou Meng " ” . Professor Feng Qinghua from 1986 edition " red Lou Meng " person ” sea chooses red Lou Mengzhong of teleplay and “ the activity is mentioned, he points out: “ " red Lou Meng " the square respect range that reflected Chinese culture, it is the elite of Chinese culture. Last long " red Lou Meng " culture included storytelling, storytelling to the accompaniment of stringed instruments to leave piece, insert picture, opera, playing cards, calendar, single-page calendar piece, a lot of respect such as paper-cut, film, bookmark. ” , “ " red Lou Meng " the building in reflecting Chinese culture, gardens, dress, implement with, medicine waits a respect a moment. ”The introduction is over " red Lou Meng " after culture, the one's lot that Feng Qinghua teachs the ancestors of Cao Xueqin of old to Wei writer and him Cao Xueqin made the introduction. Professor Feng Qinghua is right " red Lou Meng " two flower translation had citing trade off study. He points out: “ " red Lou Meng " have two famous translation, one is the DavidHawkes translation that England publishs " TheStoryoftheStone " , another translation that is gentleman of alternate of the Yang Xian beneficial that published 1978, Dai Nai " ADreamofRedMansions " . With respect to language color character, yang Yi is metaphrase more originally, suddenly translation pays attention to the functional reciprocity of the language more. With respect to interpreter strategy character, yang Yi uses nationalization method originally, suddenly translation is the union of nationalization and dissimilation. ”“ undertakes the contrast of two translation from word frequency angle, the both difference that use a word is bigger. Citing says, suddenly translation is good with Mamma, yang Ben is multi-purpose Mother; Suddenly translation is multi-purpose Coz, yang Yi uses Goodcousin and Dearcousin originally. ”“ also is put in very big difference on the two translation use in adverb, the distinctive adverb of suddenly translation has Simultaneously, Duly, Tem-porarily to wait. At the same time the adverb such as Greatly appears in suddenly translation the frequency compares Yang Yi apparently many. ”As be engaged in for a long time " red Lou Meng " the expert that translates research, professor Feng Qinghua points out, " red Lou Meng " use of a of flower interpret main success at the figures of speech in translation. The use of figures of speech is the elite of a language, the success that figures of speech translates will matter to the success or failure that interpret makes directly. The figures of speech that basically uses in “ translation has the ” such as word of simile, metaphor, homophonic, copy and a style of calligraphy characterized by hollow strokes. The lecture is final, classmates of hope of Professor Feng Qinghua pass pair of “ " red Lou Meng " the research of culture ” likes Chinese culture more, also hope to pass right " red Lou Meng " the understanding that the interpreter studies to deepen pair of China culture to explain research. Professor Feng Qinghua is right " red Lou Meng " reach “ " red Lou Meng " the true love of culture ” is affecting attendant audience deeply, also attracted the fellow student of numerous audit. Tell wonderful part, the spot rings for many times enthusiastic applause. When answer classmate quizs, read first in the light of what the classmate puts forward which " red Lou Meng " the problem of translation, professor Feng Qinghua says: “ the translation that I think to be able to read Yang Xian increase first, try to read the translation of DavidHawkes again next, former metaphrase is more, accord with our thinking habit quite. ”Make ” as what the “ of Cultural Festival of 2008 foreign languages presses an axis, cultural Festival of the foreign language outside going up drew this year that the professor's lecture is Feng Qinghua to give priority to a problem with ” of “ cultural exchange satisfactory full stop. Data sources: Http://xiaobao.shisu.edu.cn/show_more.php? Tkey=&bkey=&doc_id=290

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