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Canadian government considers to adopt unified English exam to provoke controver
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In electric Canada government is considering new network to take unified English test to immigrant on June 3, what be added in order to assure permissibly is emigrant, english ability enough is adding the life.

According to “ dispatches from foreign news agency of ”2 day cite reports central company, the emigrant English that Canadian government is about to adopt unites exam is by British Oxford research and development, the name is system of international English test. This one system already was used for England and Australia at present.

The report says, test system cent is listen, say, read, write wait for a few parts. Audition part is half an hour about, saying share is 15 minutes, read, write each one hour. Read among them grammatical or sentence pattern problem, have difficulty especially.

Grading of system of international English test comes 9 minutes from a minute. Express one minute not to have English capacity completely, 9 minutes of delegates are completely adept, it is passing mark 6 minutes, although can have a mistake,express English, but will tell commonly return be able to pass.

Official of Canadian emigrant ministry thinks this covers English test system to be able to help eligible immigrant obtain immigrant visa more quickly, avoid not to divide fine bad people at present, entirely queues up by order, cause emigrant case the case of a large number of a long-pending case.

Canadian emigrant official also thinks, once immigrant adopts system of international English test, will add the life to suit very quickly easily also.

But emigrant lawyer says system of this kind of English test is right however the immigrant of low education level is unjust. Canadian bar association already wrote emigrant department, hope government does not use system of this kind of English test to choose immigrant.

Canadian lawyer says in case, canada is current most those who be short of is the builder that has a technology, if use system of afore-mentioned English test, the worker that has this respect special skill or knowledge rarely is OK pass a barrier. Bar association proposal, governmental otherwise abandons this to cover system of emigrant English test, otherwise reduces passing level.

Canadian bar association thinks, to Canada extremely needed builder will tell, passing mark should is 4:5, still can communicate to professional project English namely, english communicates ability to still have a problem beyond major.

At present world most nation has the workout center of system of international English test, and Indian more amounts to 63. If Canadian government decides to use this one system, also will establish center of this kind of workout in countrywide each district.
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