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International interpret couplet and Chinese interpret assist sign congress agree
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On April 5, 2007, international interpret couplet and Chinese interpreter association signed a historic agreement in Beijing. This agreement set both sides to August 2008 2 - the obligation that plenary meeting of 7 days of interpreter of the 18th world that will hold at Shanghai should use up.

The Peter Krawutschke of chairman of international interpret couplet that call in and Chinese interpret association grew Liu Xiliang to sign an agreement, chinese interpret assist Bente Christensen of vice-chairman of couplet of interpret of standing vice-chairman Guo Xiaoyong, international and Huang Youyi and Qiu Juliang of director of international interpret couplet attended signing ceremony.

Huang Youyi of vice-chairman of international interpret couplet regards China as interpret assist the delegate on board of international interpret couplet and Executive Board, be appointed to be international interpret couplet and congress to organize the contact person between Fang Zhi.

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