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The 18th world translates congress: Guo Gou is revealed with characteristic of
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The 18th world translates congress to will be in Chinese Shanghai to hold at will coming 7 days on August 2, this is world interpreter congress is held in China first, also be hold in the Asia first, it is sure to become the grand meeting of cultural exchange, china and foreign countries translates the home to learn the grand meeting of communication each other. Enter in congress during timing, the characteristic that Chinese network reporter prepares circumstance, current mass rally finally with respect to congress, honored guest attending the meeting and Chinese interpret assist will continue to launch the issue such as what international collaboration and communication, interviewed interpret of vice-chairman of international interpret couplet, China assist vice-chairman holds spokesman of news of deputy director general of bureau of foreign language of secretary-general, China, congress Mr Huang Youyi concurrently.

Prepare working in an orderly way, go well

Huang Youyi tells a reporter, the PPT file of many 400 spokesman already inputted congress computer, every cent forum has 4 spokesmans; The conference manual of the full and accurate of 3 kinds of characters is making Sino-British way; Attend the meeting the each preparation work such as exhibition of industry of arrangement of Wu of the board and lodging of 1500 people, meeting and press job, interpreter is in ground of in an orderly way to undertake, he expresses: We have “ confidence holds a restful congress ” .

Attend a meeting in China must highlight Chinese characteristic

“ attends a meeting in China must have Chinese distinguishing feature, this is the ” that place of the person that the foreign country attends the meeting expects, huang Youyi says: The person that “ major abroad attends the meeting is to come to China for the first time, come to Shanghai, we should let them experience ’” of full-bodied ‘ China wind into the assembly room. He tells a reporter, congress cent is congress and forum two parts. The conference has a series of second reading need the first day to poll, in the past normally the practice is a design a piece of voting card, the plenary meeting this year is special designed fan of a China, the front imprints have sign of international interpret couplet, the design design that uses two sides of positive and negative to differ undertakes polling, this is the initiate of congress of couplet of interpret of all previous international. In the meantime, the Shanghai August is worth burning hot summer, the intense heat of summer is endured hard, fan still can be used at any time enjoy the cool. The design of a such little detail, let a reporter feel, it permeated Chinese element not only, sufficient still body is revealed those who do the person that meet is attentive and considerate.

“ this is little respect, big field, should reflect the massiness of Chinese culture more”. Huang Youyi continues to say: “ is pressed conventionally, we should hold a literary show, this show names the night that is “ Shanghai ” , ask Shanghai place top-ranking artist, will reveal Chinese culture through arena art, wait for ” like dance of Beijing opera, folk. He cited a case for the reporter again, the acceptance of the person that attend the meeting considering the foreign country to Chinese culture degree, sponsor square special preparation a program- - Sha Hua is performed, give the work with the familiar person that the foreign country attends the meeting, figure with sand draw, will pull with this close each other culture accepts the distance that go up.
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