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Patrol thinks of Carl Yaohanlue: Efficient and transparent include the European
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I basically introduce a few challenges that our branch faces to everybody today. I also am thinking all the time actually, how can we manage this orgnaization very well, I want to be after my speech, do not know to be able to persuade everybody, how is letting everybody understand us after all run.

Ladies, gentlemen, I have a job, my task helps European committee namely the citizen of the written form with a variety of languages and Europe and interest relative undertake communication, and assure the lawful sex of the European Union, include gender, transparency and efficiency. Be the following multiligualism of 4 core word, lawful sex, transparency, efficiency. Word of these 4 core is the focal point that I say today, I want to be revealed with a bit high-tech. Before we are talking about word of these 4 core in detail, I want to introduce to everybody above all, the language service department of our European Union, talk about an European Union namely each orgnaizations, european Union each other orgnaizations are attendant also attend this meeting.

Committee of the Europe before this PPT that everybody sees now showed us 50 years holds water, we this year is 50 years, our interpreter service department has 4 kinds of languages only at that time, our employee has 24 only merely at that time, we are no matter now in personnel amount, still translating a page 100 grow above number times, the page that we predict to translate this year is counted probably 2 million page, and grow 5% every year. Everybody is in this above can see, the page number of our original language is very much, english page counts constant growth, have article of French, heart, still have other languages. Especially the requirement that our discovery adopts network and citizen relative increases ceaselessly. Everybody sees another PPT is revealed, we basically translate what phyletic document, everybody can see probably the file of 3/4 is legal proposed law, next we still have a webpage, we still have communication stuff, still have other data, include a few reports or the document that a few interior use.

Everybody sees next slide please. This slide was revealed to everybody is after all what kind of, we have the demand that a lot of networks translate now, because more and more citizens use network service, this above revealed us to have the hits above a few websites, we were offerred in the European Union a series of information, the biggest hits is 3 months have 50 million hits probably, be European Union government, about the website of obtain employment. Still have the official net of European committee, still have the website of debt, because be interested, click so a lot of. At the same time duty Wu also is clicked a lot of.

Our Europe committee, it is server of our Ou Luoba, contain 6 million documents of different language in all, we everyday hits is as high as 500 thousand times. European committee may be the world on exclusive substance of a politics uses 23 governments language, we must be run very well. If our European Union goes ceaselessly outspread, affirmation also meets our language amount grow ceaselessly. Assume we always share the word of language of 33 kinds of governments, the assorted amount of our language may be as high as 1056 kinds.
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