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Nobel literature award makes our interpreter bound awkward
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Annual before Nobel literature award awards prize, say at article academia of China is big perhaps o'clock to cultural circles wants quickening, we always should guess who will be the most qualified, and return otherwise be disgusted with its give out irritatedly a string of big name.

Those who make a person regretful is: The commissioners of Nobel literature award always consider our distant enthusiasm none, the speculation of the certain that always allows our word falls to deep valley. This year, nobel literature award let us show a small of the back again: Turkey writer gram of · handkerchief admire took away abstruse rarely bonus. After prize-giving end, domestic literature bound becomes silent one piece, it is first time of this ability before two many months without the person almost with novel " my name cries red " appearance gives the Turkish speech before the reader in now, take out the implied meaning that has weight and opinion on public affairs in the light of him without the person. Not bad, we still gave, from Turkey still really textual interpreter comes over. If do not have this exclusive, face the gold of this year nobel prize of Can of golden light Can, we just call awkwardness then! Although such awkwardness is not before us,did not pass.

I feel, the circle of literature of China of award of “ Nobel literature that from last centuries 90 time begin is guessed forbid phenomenal ” and “ to win a prize biochemical phenomenon ” showed Chinese road of the writer a big question, that is: The foreign literature interpreter of our country and excogitated a problem. On one hand our foreign literature research and interpreter confine are in flower, law, heart, Russia, big language waits on the west in, it is in big language home of big country of attention of ground of special China type, your work, master home, have one's moment writer, and lack a kind more dependable more comprehensive more meticulous more the academic manner that bear the blame; On the other hand, the interpret interpose that ignores literature of small language country generally and research work, the sentence that involves somewhat also is to be satisfied with a smattering of a subject, fan out from point to area; tripartite face also is the most serious it is on one hand, interpose of our foreign literature interpret and research appear to moved toward big trend greatly to happen to be out of line with the large language area of whole west literature, present the lag that gives a kind of dreariness and confine. I so saying is talk irresponsible anything but, for the Nobel literature prize that takes nearly ten years to come, overcome inside Kaiertaisi, Ye benefit at least include Daliao · blessing, library is cut, Salamage and the Pamuke this year still have British dramatist breathed out Lord last year, before they win a prize, the very little dabble with the interpreter right bound of our country, more never mention it affected. After winning a prize, we give with the reason such as an unexpected winner in succession ego try to explain things away when been laughed at, but contact a bit, just discover each is master degree, the family is before bear the palm, already was extremely influential writer.
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