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The dog also can say translator of yip of day scientist invention " I love you "
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Our newspaper reports the person that raises a dog integratedly soon will hopeful have language communication with their pet, yesterday, japanese scientists announced to invent a kind of dog to bark translator, it can translate the cry of the dog into “ I love your ” , “ I became hungry the human language such as ” .

According to the report, scientists are opposite 14 kinds 2000 kinds of cries of 100 dogs undertook an analysis, will be united in wedlock with the mood of the dog and reaction, in instrument of reintroduce sound resolution, finish this invention thereby. This translator can convey 200 vocabularies and 100 phrase through loudhailer, says sentence is brief simple sentence more, for instance “ I am already tired ” , “ my task that finish ” , “ I am very happy ” , still have “ even I love your ” . (knowing say to host, still say to dog spouse. )

Contriver expresses, be sure to make the interpreter of 90 % above accord with the expressive original intention of the dog, this kind of translator will push the market in Feburary at next year, price is 100 U.S. dollors about. If it can score a success in the market, the scientist says, will begin to develop ” of “ meow translator.
(article origin: Nanchang translates a net)