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Chinese interpret assist delegacy visits U.N. to translate a branch
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Attending the United States to translate association in the United States the Chinese interpret of the 47th annual meeting assist delegacy will visit on November 7 U.N. headquarters Chinese translates a branch, had have an informal discussion with concerned personnel, introduced China to translate the circumstance of association and congress of interpreter of the 18th world, aroused the great interest of personnel attending the meeting.

File department Chinese grows Xu Yanan everywhere to Chinese interpret assist the composition that delegacy introduced U.N. headquarters to translate an orgnaization and the working case that Chinese handles, state U.N. Chinese is in from beginning to end Chinese interpret assist regarding is the Home “ ” with interpreter collective worker, chinese part likes very much with Chinese interpret assist establish close connection. Interpret of delegacy controller, China assist the interpreter staff that Jiang Yonggang of standing deputy secretary-general manages to Chinese introduced Chinese interpret assist general situation and the main activity that develop in recent years, the 18th world that the key introduced to be about to hold in Shanghai translates the preparatory circumstance of congress. The personnel of interpreter of more than 10 U.N. that attend the meeting is right Chinese interpret assist the job showed strong interest, refer concerned case in succession and to table a proposal and opinion, express to be willing to join Chinese interpret assist, the hope passes Chinese interpret assist with home interpreter bound colleague strengthens connection, begin academic communication, raise interpreter quality Guangzhou to translate a company jointly.

Delegacy still inspected the simultaneous interpretation place of the conference and publication department subordinate, understood the concerned situation of U.N. simultaneous interpretation.

Chinese place has more than 60 full-time to translate personnel at present, include personnel of school of 10 senior careful among them. Simultaneous interpretation place has personnel of oral interpretation of more than 20 Chinese.

Interpret assist delegacy member and place of Chinese of U.N. file department concern personnel have an informal discussion

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