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International stage offers multilingual volunteer to translate a service for the
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According to mobile arrangement, international stage will expedite a volunteer, begin English to groom for Beijing policeman, it is during the Olympic Games to be on duty the policeman offers necessary multiligualism to translate a service.

Before this, international stage still is the same as BOCOG relevant section comes to an agreement, will be during the Olympic Games, for the Olympic Games the many branches such as service of meeting Wu, place, athlete offer multiligualism to translate a service. It is reported, at the appointed time, international stage will have volunteer of nearly 100 multiligualism to participate in an Olympic Games to translate a service.

International stage has talented person of nearly 1000 foreign languages, wait for a method through broadcast, network everyday, use 53 kinds of languages to travel external. During the Olympic Games, international stage will broadcast through much language and the website suffers to each country numerous offer the weather, traffic, information such as urban introduction to serve.
(article origin: Shenzhen translates a net)