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Interpreter industry discusses order of healthy and rational competition
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Beijing of China News Service on June 8 report (reporter Zhang Ximin) the summit of leader of industry of first China interpreter that the operator that comes from tens of Chinese homes to translate an industry is holding here reachs “ to compete normally on the meeting, each other not the industry consensus of bespatter ” , discuss healthy, rational competition order jointly, inside course of study of keep within limits undesirable competition.

Current peak is met by net of government of Chinese Olympic committee limited company of IT of combination of lifelike of —— of exclusive and multilingual partner is sponsorred, got science and technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences translates association support energetically.
As we have learned, for quite a long time, chinese interpreter industry is in all the time small and the mill type that come loose manages mode, as the bitter fleabane of Chinese market economy suddenly develops, to diplomatic shedding and confluence deepen ceaselessly, the speed that interpreter market also is having no before is swift and violent develop. The management mode of traditional mill type already cannot satisfy the market demand that twice increases, the front of traditional business pattern that will gain competitive advantage with the method such as depress cost is facing grimmer and grimmer challenge, to the industry think over to begin to make the main task that is placed before operator of every interpreter business with innovation.

The person that attend the meeting thinks, china translates the acting need when the industry must be complied with, innovate ceaselessly, take the route that industrialization, ability comes true to dimensions develops and develop for a long time. In the meantime, the person that attend the meeting points out, IT technology is the only way of Chinese interpreter industrialization.

They think, the CAT that is based on Internet is sure to replace traditional manual mill pattern to translate mode, the flow that realizes interpreter industry changes management, dimensions to turn production, promote an interpreter efficiency, accuracy rate substantially, from go up at all process of industrialization of stimulative China interpreter.

As we have learned, current peak can translate an industry to build platform of a brand-new thought, experience communication for China, with efficient and interactive for the characteristic, with the honored guest speech and delibrate have an informal discussion are basic form, dig potential collaboration opportunity adequately, the strategy that the resource exploration such as the skill that enterprise attending the meeting masters with oneself respectively, asset, network, brand fits oneself to develop cooperates mode, built the new platform that cooperates between area, broke the district limitation that the industry cooperates.

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