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The interpreter will be in world rich produced main effect in the meeting 2010
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Fine of fine of Jiang of Oriental network reporter, Liu Xin will report on August 4: The 18th world translates congress to kick off in Shanghai this morning. Tang Dengjie of Shanghai deputy mayor expresses in the speech on the opening ceremony, the interpreter will be in it is important that Shanghai world rich was developed in the meeting 2010 and distinct effect.
Tang Dengjie expresses, the expert scholar photograph of bound of each country interpreter gets together in Shanghai, it is an important matter of international interpreter bound not only, have important sense likewise to Shanghai interpreter bound. Shanghai is the city with an internationalization very high rate, there is very extensive and frequent communication in the domain such as classics trade, science and technology, culture, education with world each country. As the development of Shanghai, the association of Shanghai and world each country is deepened increasingly, the interpreter is communicating information of culture, communication to promote cooperation surely, the respect such as promotional friendship produces more active and distinct effect. This congress victory is held, also be sure to conduce to farther stimulative each country translating a bound to be communicated between each other, understanding and collaboration.
Current Shanghai is accelerating international economy, finance, commerce and shipping center, with the construction with modern metropolitan international. Shanghai still will hold world fair on behalf of the country 2010. Already more than 210 countries and international organization affirm formally now attend the Shanghai world rich 2010 to meet. Interpreter bound produces amid important and distinct effect. We also expect “ while with interpreter attending the meeting the scholar of the expert of the bound and each country is communicating professional achievement and experience, also can pay close attention to the development of Shanghai, contribute penetrating judgment to build a more good Shanghai. ”
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