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Q & A translator Yu Haixiang site today
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Are you planning to go abroad to study? You are not being as how to go abroad to worry about? Is it because you do not understand the culture while studying abroad, have no confidence ... ... Today, in the provincial capital Alexandra Theatre, the young translator Yu Haixiang who will be ready to go abroad on their interpretation of issues of concern in detail.

Young translators Yu Haixiang lecture by People's Publishing House, Oriental Press, Dongfang Electronics Audio and Video Press host, Guizhou plant exclusive wine sponsor of the first section of the people of Eastern readers (hereinafter referred to as "Yu Haixiang"), one of series of lectures. Readers of this section from October 1 onwards until October 15, invited the Head of IBM strategic consulting IMAGING, famous entrepreneur, founder of GreenTree Xu Shuguang, the famous literary critic Wang Zhiwu, a famous writer Cat domestic industries such as more than a dozen top artists, lectures covering the appreciation of classical literature, the mysterious phenomenon of crack, children's education methods, Chinese and western culture, business management, experience sharing, and many other aspects of the college entrance examination. If you are interested in what aspects, as long as you visit each day 10:00 Alexandra Theatre to hear the famous free lectures, as well as access to the works of famous autograph.

Yuhai Xiang is a famous young translator, who went abroad to study, seven Toyo (Japan), seven Western (USA), containing a total of fourteen career overseas experience. Business Administration and Economics double degree. While abroad, worked as construction workers, restaurant waiters, post office staff, school assistants, working ranch cowboy, and a dozen, so many different scenic experience, there have been many different experiences. Unique experience as past, he will "my life as I travel, the most important thing is the scenery all the way and not the destination" as their own reflections, the road of life can be considered absolutely brilliant. Today, the Yu Haixiang will use their own experiences studying abroad for you about life, to decrypt your best, most subtle study in secret.

Free education programs for more than one day. Tomorrow (7 October) 10 am, "China cappella King" He Guofeng will come to Alexandra Theatre, in the song to share with you the classic northern Shaanxi folk songs, this is the people of East Readers Festival October 7 keynote speech activities. He Guofeng with infinite desolation sound, heard his song, no matter how tough the people will forget the sadness of life. He Guofeng is the best so far with a strong sense of fatalism and cultural interpretation of the Yellow River Basin, he used his own voice to sing the Mother River of the power of the most original and most mysterious cultures. His a cappella songs by the millions of Internet users sought after by friends who kindly called the "king of Chinese a cappella." In tomorrow's speech, He Guofeng edge songs and telling will make you look for in a song that in the hearts of the most pristine memories. This seminar is free of charge, and arrived at the scene, the audience have the opportunity to get He Guofeng autographed album.