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Translation missing is accountability for bad translation
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Have had the sixth since the "National Excellent Foreign Literature Book Award" was discontinued the year before last, after a national literary translation award, leaving only "Lu Xun" among the "Literary Translation Award for" the. This award winning a total of only five places enough "poor", and did not realize that the recent fifth "Lu Xun" announced, in which "Literary Translation Award" is vacant. Review, "Lu Xun" award in the history of literary translation, first, and second is done in the previous "Rainbow Translation Award" in the name and practices, from Zi third start, was used consistently, "Lu Xun" in the sub-item " Literary Translation Award "in the name. That term "Literature Translation Award," Ping Chu only five places in the two books, not the other three assessment had to give up. Zi-fourth, Ping Chu is still only three, giving up two. To Zi-fifth, was actually vacant, and five full-up. Translation is now published every year on the kinds of books, literary works from one-third of the low estimate, then the current literary translation published in three years, at least one million species, so there is not even a mass in the commentary, that was a good translation is really surprised and emotion. If more look at the language, from the uniform use of "Lu Xun," the name of our first three awards began, has received the five books of literary translation prize, no one is in English. It is well known, the most common English education in China, the largest contingent of the English translation, English translation should be said to have the strongest power, but precisely the language of the most popular, actually eating in the awards of zero. Zi-fifth the face of "Lu Xun" in the "Literary Translation Award" of the vacancies, it was bitter to applause, that this shows the strict award just before quantity. Awards from the strict compliance with rules of the game is concerned, do I say nothing wrong, but my heart is, "Like" does not come out. Think of the years, due to the decline in the quality of translation translation industry out there with many problems, I feel just anxious and helpless sigh. Better get out, did not mind the bad bad to live, how to treat this "vacant", can have multiple interpretations, in my opinion, it once again warning people: You must explore the cause "vacancy," the underlying factors, because the vacancy not the Translation Award, is a poor translation of accountability. Decline in recent years, the report disclosed the quality of translation, and I have written many articles, but little effect. One important reason is that translation involves several departments, a problem do not know who to accountability. Translation has long complained of poor readers, which we all know, but feel involved too broad, not one can solve this sector, creating a number of detached, individual and do not care. Poor translation of the formation of the proximate and remote cause which, governance and its link where I try to do some sort out and analyze it. Foreign language education from the point of view. To improve translation of basic skills, not only must be familiar with foreign languages, also requires proficiency in translation theory, knowledge rich, deep root in Chinese, written expression ability. However, in foreign language teaching, there is a misunderstanding in the past, that to learn a foreign language to naturally improve translation. There was a long time, only a foreign language translation of the following two subjects, but learn a foreign language in a course that long-term as an independent discipline of Translation Studies to be attention. Multiple forty-six in school exams, light translate, foreign language, light Chinese. Especially literary translation, but also requires a certain degree of literary accomplishment and aesthetic sentiment, and this brings a lack of translation practice, and even after graduation, many foreign languages spoken fluently, and write translations, often a misnomer, wrong sentences Lianpian. In recent years, emphasis on translation teaching has established a number of the translation departments, and also recruited a translator Title of graduate students, but mostly learned semiotics, deconstruction and other foreign language translation theory, translation of little or no actual contact , the translation of difficult to overcome the current poor quality plays a significant role. Foreign language education for the above reasons, resulting in some defects in the quality of the translator service, the quality of translation of literary influence is clearly there. Operation from the translation point of view. There are no professional translator, and engage in translation, almost all in the amateur or after retirement. Bing Xin who had been said that she only liked her translation work, translation of foreign language should be read several times before, good grasp of familiar hands after the translation. As the translator translate the older generation of re-creation, the translation is repeated verification, weighing every word, which took years to complete. But now, the constraints of copyright, the translator is difficult to decipher the works of their favorite or familiar, most of what publishers about what to translation, and even came into being some "almighty Translators", literature, science and technology, law, business What dare translation, lay out the results of repeated spectacle. Translation of long-term low royalties, but also prompted some translators do not want to make an effort in translation, sloppy cross count. Especially with the fierce market competition, also appeared in the so-called "fast translation." One is the fight time, "simultaneous translation", that is, grab the first translation of the manuscript according to foreign, so that both the original Chinese version and the foreign market. The other is the manpower to fight "group translation", people division, synthesis publication, both to grab quickly. "Carrot faster does not wash mud", which more than assembly-line style "group of Translation", coupled with the rush quickly gave up strict revision, how can its quality assurance. Also popular in recent years from "network translation", a group of people interested in translation, translation team set up on the Internet, optional topics, division of translation, published online, some of which have been selected as the publication of the translation Press . This began in the "network translator" of the translation is gradually increased, their quality and difficulty of identification procedures more complex. In short, the operation of the existing translation system, while allowing a great degree, to accept any translation, translation was good or bad, depends on the individual translator translated the extent of German self-discipline, and the current social climate prevailing in the worship of money, but also created a bad translation of birth of the objective environment. Translated and published from the point of view. Due to lack of or lack of foreign language original, the general reader unable to judge the quality of translation, the task incumbent upon the body fell to the Press. Unfortunately, a lot of publishers now, the main attention in the political and Jurisprudence on the check, while the quality of translation, mostly an excuse to own and neglect are responsible for auditing, some publishing houses and studios, and even foreign languages are not edited, contributions only Chinese technical processing to do is simply to give the translation quality of the checks. Now material goods, the product quality standards and regulatory bodies, found that quality problems can complain, verified to refund or recall. But the production of low-quality translation of books, this set and there are not, the publisher not only did not assume responsibility, and sometimes because of bad books out quickly, listed earlier, to seize market share, rather than the more profitable high-quality book. The elimination of the weak defeating the strong anomaly, to some extent to protect and encourage the emergence of low-quality translation. Re-evaluation from the translation point of view. Translate the voice of praise and criticism are too weak, and national awards no special translation; called the years of "National Translation Award," has not achieved; good not good translation and dissemination of timely praise. Although the press sometimes also translated comments, but most are about people writing for the book publishers to advertise, really bad translations of shoddy criticism and accountability, too little passion. Especially the translation of plagiarism, disguised plagiarism, infringement, pirate, fake, and so illegal, the press frequently exposed, but so far no convergence, and even the publishers are also involved in the phenomenon of false bad infringement. Why is unauthorized, unauthorized use of others dare translated? Why, as Li Si, the dragon has been clear that some of the translation of the media named "Wen Chaogong" can still mix in the market? In my opinion, apart from some faint awareness of the law other than the publisher, society is the lack of translation of the correct evaluation system to reward enough, punishment too light, not to promote the establishment of effective correctional excellent fake bad governance mechanism, which should also be far inferior translation not out of the market is an important reason. Involved in so many poor translations, the problem is no wonder to find out which one is immune to solve. "Lu Xun" literary translation award this vacancy, prompting people to think about this question in depth again. With the object of accountability, the next step should be to the relevant departments must take measures jointly to the readers come up with a perfect answer.