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The first old translations open to comments received over 40,000 programs
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"Quanjude good translation into QJD Roast Duck!" "Or better translated Chum Jade Duck." Yesterday afternoon, vivid interpretation of Olympic translation of old public service activities, the first public Quanjude, Zhang Yuan, Rui Xiang instep translation work, accepting comments. As of yesterday, the campaign received more than 40,000 old translation of the capital collected works. Chinese Academy of Science and Technology Translators Association, Association of selected old Beijing Quan Ju De, Zhang Yuan, Rui Xiang beetle old part of the three translations, the shop into the old. Yesterday, the organizing committee announced that the scheduled September 25 in the call for entries deadline extended to November 30th, December 1st onwards, will focus on translation of foreign experts and consultants to carry out long-established culture of Final Appeal. Comments accepted part of the translation Quan Ju De: Sir 1: Chum Jade Duck Mr 2: Trump-Juicy-Duck Asked 3: Moral, All, Together (all without missing, and leave together, Rende first) Rui Xiang beetle: Sir 1: Auspicious Wealth Mr 2: Rife Yam Asked 3: Sincere, through and through; No bargaining, no cheating. (Sincerity first, genuine, made one price, fair trade)