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An American makes spot presentation to Japan, ask a person to do his interpreter
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Heart of American reporter dust adds the good friend that · Si Nuo is Chinese people. China is visited and he ever was interviewed for many times, chinese is pretty good, can saying is a China.
However, dust heart adds · Si Nuo to face abstruse and complex Chinese, or often sciolistic, mix to a few idiom of China especially the vocabulary of cite the classics, often feel do not wear brains, make a many interpreter joke.
1970, period of ” of “ Culture Revolution, dust heart adds · Si Nuo to visit Mao Zedong to Beijing again. In the talk, mao Zedong says: “ is in China, a few people have some of scared mentality to me. But, I am bonze opens an umbrella however ——— is not had hair (law) without the day! ” which makings, · Si Nuo translates Edgar to say him for “ Mao Zedong in the article in oneself however is a hand hold umbrella, the Gu monk ” of roam all directions. Dust heart adds · Si Nuo to return a ” of “ a promise that will be kept, metaphrase should agree only for “ , be about to pay an U.S. dollor 1000 yuan of ” ; “ a unit of length 2 bonze ” , interpret calls a unit of length the bonze ” of 2 for “ ; Return a “ Hu Kuo gentleman, gallop ” of the literary world this word, can the interpreter go up in the desk into “ somebody horse race? Have, that is ” of Mr Hu Kuo!
Actually, it is Si Nuo not only, the phenomenon that translates make a fool of oneself is very much. Carry of the United States' famous the gold fountain pen that send a gram is promoted toward latin america, restrain the group on advertisement “ of gold fountain pen is not slack ” , interpret becomes “ contraceptive ” , do so that people is between tears and smiles. United States of heart article edition " reader abstract " a advertisement, “ 100 things coke, carry ” of repose of essence of life, interpret is “ 100 things coke, dead and renascent ” , german looked to shake one's head more than. In December 1977, when American president Carter visits Poland, his viewpoint that translates my hope of the “ in speaking him to understand you and libidinal ” , interpret becomes “ the feeling ” that I have concupiscence to you. Immediately, in an uproar of all over the world. This matter, become the head that signs up for each at that time instantly lacy news.

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