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The interpreter jest with one again wrong fault
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Singapore travel brochure is written with flower 語, in recent years 來 Chinese travels to Singapore increasingly grow in quantity, ask Shanghai some travel agent to translate manual into Chinese then.
There is a visiting program in manual, illustrious name is “Hungry GhostFestival” , if press Chinese metaphrase,be ” of “ ghoul section, what does this ghoul section have good-looking? Singapore is modern country, how can you take ghoul to earn travel money? This illustrious name is apparent already lack fidelity.
Shanghai some travel agent makes interpret of “Hungry Ghost Festival” further ” of division of “ Hungarian spirit, translator is too careless also, “Hungry” (hungry)
錯 interpret becomes “Hungary” (Hungarian) , one fault is again wrong, the fault must leave table. Why to think, hungarian how section of there is sth fishy? And this spirit division is absent Hungarian hold, run to Singapore to hold however? This travel agent of formidable Shanghai, lack flower 語 person with ability anything but, why to become aware right-down unexpectedly to this? Pass through all the way without block, till meet with the passenger!
The flower interpret of Singapore is the story free translation according to Indian Sanskrit “Ull Ambana” , “UllAmbana” is like free translation, should be “ is saved (person at) the meaning of ” hanging by the feet, have nothing to do with ghoul. Actually, “UllAmbana” is in China early Jin Chao when already came over from sutra interpreter namely, those who use is orchid basin meets transliteration “ jar ” , abbreviation “ orchid basin is met ” . “UllAmbana” is very difficult really free translation, using transliteration is clever. Because “ orchid basin is met a word of ” be orchid, in orchid basin the Dou Youlan on the meeting spends 裝 to act the role of later, be Chinese the Ull Ambana that changed.
This is a Buddhist story originally, those who say is Sakyamuni one of 10 big child ” of “ eye lotus, save the story of his mother, eye lotus is Sanskrit Maudgalyayana
simplify transliteration. The eye lotus in the story has eye of exceeding lofty or great, can see him die the circumstance that the mother has a rough time in Tartarean ghoul path, he asks for advice to Buddha, buddha tells him the method of rescue mother, will prepare 100 flavour on July 15 namely 5 fruit are dietary, put in jar Lan Penzhong, make offerings to 10 from monk of do as one pleases, with respect to the suffering that can make 7 worlds parents breaks away from ghoul. Eye lotus breaks away from abyss of misery formerly for mother of save save the nation from extinction, what evolve to be carried out for Chinese buddhism later is annual on July 15 past dynasties of release souls from purgatory ancestor close Buddhist ceremony, cloister and folk have hold, with India original eye lotus story had changed his appearance.
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