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The ping-pong gets name and its origin
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It is on athletic history, ping-pong motion can be a young athletic sports, it has 100 old histories only, compared with track-and-field (2000 above) come, it can be the posterity of be worthy of the name.

1890, a few defend India (India) limejuicer (Navy) accidental disclosure is in officer a piece not quite tennis plays to be stimulated very on table. They convert later hollow small rubber ball replaces the sincere ball with not big flexibility, replaced a net to pat with board, undertake on the table this kind of novel “ tennis surpasses ” , this is the origin that Table Tennis gets a name.

Table Tennis appears before long, became the popular exercise of a kind of be the rage. At the beginning of 20 centuries, the United States begins whole set ground to produce the match appliance of the ping-pong. Original, table Tennis has other name, be like Indoor Tennis. Later, the sound innovation that when manufacturer of an United States is bumped with the ping-pong, gives out goes Ping-pong this new term, the patent registered trade mark of “ ping-pong ” that makes as him. Ping-pong became another of Table Tennis official name later. After it passes China, people creates a “ ping-pong ” again this new term.

In Japanese, the ping-pong calls “ ping-pong ” . What the ping-pong moves is very multi-purpose the word is change from tennis come. The ball that hits ping-pong place to use calls Ping-pong Ball or Table-tennis Ball, ping-pong stage calls Ping-pong Table, mesa weighs Court, the net among weighs Net, the frame of the net that prop up calls Net Support.

Match of ping-pong single person takes 3 bureaus commonly two get the better of or 5 bureaus 3 get the better of make, ” of alleged “ bureau, english is Set. Serve call Serve.