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Change make appear on the market: An Enterprise Is Re-organized According To Modern Corporate System So That It Will Get Listed On The Stock Market.
Thank xenial letter A Bread And Butter Letter (a Letter Sent As Thanks For Being Treated Well As Someone's Guest)
Cadre team revolutionizes, young change, knowledge is changed, specialization Make The Ranks Of Cadres More Revolutionary, younger In Average Age, better Educated And Professionally More Competent
The Hongkong's person treats harbor Hong Kong People Administering Hong Kong
High administrative levels, all-around dialog High-level And All-directional Dialogue
High yield is high grade High Yield And High Quality
High autonomy High Degree Of Autonomy
Curule meeting Senior Officials Meeting (SOM)
Certified Business Executive of division of advanced business affairs
Overhead road Elevated Highway; Overhead Road
High-tech board piece High-tech Sector
Tall difficulty behavioral Stunner, stunt
High definition High Definition
High And New Technology Industrial Development Zone of development of estate of new and high technology
(Highway) segregation takes Median
Fundamental Political System of essential politics system
Individual income should duty declares system The System Of The Declaration Of Individual Incomes For Tax Payment
The individual sweeps the snow before the door oneself, not be in charge of Hoe One’s Own Potatoes of the frost on other tile
Major Styles Of Cooking of each big vegetable department
Let Each Person Do His Best; From Each According To His Ability of each one does his job
"Each perch " "On Your Marks! "Each perch " "On Your Marks!!
Dog audit Follow-up Auditing
Congratulation get rich May You Be Prosperous! ; Wish You All The Best!
Kongfu does not lose Everything Comes To Him Who Waits of a person with high aspirations and determination.
Engineering company Engineering Company
Industrial And Commercial Bureau of industrial and commercial bureau
Salariat; State Employee; Salaried Person of labour firewood estate
Industry controls unifinication Integrated Industrial Control; Industrial Control Of Integration
Industrial Park of industrial garden area
Medical Services At State Expense of medical treatment at public expenses
Call-board serves Bulletin Board Service (BBS)
Public Security Organs of public security organs, procuratorial Organs And People's Courts
Accumulation fund Public Accumulation Funds, public Reserve Funds
Call price market Open Outcry Markets publicly
Public money eats and drink Recreational Activities Using Public Funds
Company component and disband Separation And Dissolution Of A Company
Commonweal forest Public Welfare Forest
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