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Lin Yutang and nobel prize
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1975 summer, international pen can be held in Vienna, lin Yutang is chosen to be vice-chairman, replace plain carries Kang Cheng. On the meeting, collectivity is passed with international pen meeting name recommends Lin Yutang to win award of literature of this year Nobel.
As a result everybody knows: This years, nobel literature award gave Italian poet Mengdalai.
Can take, should take, did not take die personally namely, will take this literature Temple of God likely the Chinese writer of certificate, true still many. This title talks very much, here talks about Lin Yutang only. Lin Yutang is recommended as English writer. Await choose work " capital smoke cloud " , without the Chinese translation that an author approbates, of Lin Yutang other 7 full length, the translation in also be being done not have at that time. Edition of Taiwan De Hua " Lin Yutang is classical famous book " 21, be after he dies, interpret went out 1980: In those days Lin Yutang is to serve as English writer to be recommended.
I encounter a difficult problem all the time: What is Chinese literature. ” of alleged “ Chinese, be born in China namely China's grown person, want to be composed with Chinese only, having doubt is Chinese literature, just be the ” China literature with abroad “ . So the Chinese is composed with English, whether be still Chinese literature?
In India, in Nigeria, in south Africa, be in even Singapore, this problem good answer: English is one of legal languages of those countries, also be one of culture languages. And, because differ phyletic between the need of communication, ” becomes one of this “ inevitably main culture language. Because card is the English writer of Nigeria,all alone so, lashendi is English writer of India, nai protects Er is Telinida English writer. Say without the person they are England or American writers.
But, english is not legal language of China, or one of culture languages. Accordingly, the English writer ” of “ China this name ego is contradictory. What these writers write is the United States is added flower bay the minority literature that waits for a country.
Whether does “ Chinese ” use English writing, the English that the condition is him of course whether as good like Chinese, resemble Lin Yutang; Or it is English better than Chinese, resemble daughter Lin Taiyi of Lin Yutang. But the thing that this is secondary. Important is, who is the readership target in his intent. Extreme of this intent sex is important, without can conceal, can come out now from all sorts of properties of work.
The first feature is in style of writing: Even if resemble Lin Yutang such, chinese is elegant Chinese, english is beautiful English, also cannot accomplish write Chinese “ to write English like ” . Of Lin Yutang's English make, it is others is translated into Chinese, also have a few him Lin Yutang ghostwrite. Look please forest English famous book, up to now flower beauty still is read with pleasure " the art of the life " , such begin:
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