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Of Lu Xun and Lin Yutang contend for disposition different right and wrong has n
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On October 19, 1936, Lu XunThe gentleman dies in Shanghai. The hall of scholastic forest language that ever had fought side-by-side with Lu Xun was written down in pen of brandish of American new York grieve over article " of Lu Xun dead " , its Wen Yun: “ Lu Xun casts whip to attack long stream, and grow drifting wave to revive, its affect place to reach, amiable and compliant have like that when at popular feeling, lu Xun sees and be fond of, si Yi is sufficient. Of the universe big, of the sea wide, fluctuant plane is very small, influence place and, he Ke argue, answer why argue? Lu Xun comes, suddenly, finish already its place character and go, si Yi is sufficient. Chang Weiwen's person composes Lu Xun, solid is not hiding Zhu Mingshan, this language is become very. Manage the world now, say the word now, look place sees, ear place is heard, heart institute is thought of, affection is moved, of vertical pen book and exhaust in its bosom, be in order to make Lu Xun resurgent at later ages, eye institute sees the person of later ages, ear place hears the thing of later ages, also not be the character now surely. Lu Xun is born at this age already, say the word of this age already, place character promising and hair, this sufficient. The person of later ages is nice its character, listen; Bad its character, of Yi Ting. Or today the word with person good place here, later generations place is good in those, lu Xun cannot know, I also cannot know. Later ages or good its character and Lu Xun of solid thick accuse falsely, or bad its character and solid be moved deeply, afterwards Lu Xun and come, stimulate Cheng Dabo, the great waves that is article sea rises and fall, its plane is very small, blame Lu Xun can know, yi Feiwu can know. Dan Bo makes billows before fall forward of people of talent, rise and fall circularly, do not return become silent, it is life, it is immortal, answer why relatively short Ye of this wavelengh wave? ”
When Beijing University arriving at the beginning of Lin Yutang, the professor of Beijing University has formed two groups at that time, one clique is Zhou brother heads, another clique is a delegate with Hu Kuo. The ally that should say Lin Yutang and Zhou brother are first-rate at first, although Lin Yutang and Hu Kuo have very the thought of close and individual friendly feelings, but what he stands in Lu Xun however is subordinate. In November 1924, " language silk " start publication, lu Xun and Zhou Zunren became the chief that language silk appoints. Long-term contributor divides Lu Xun outside, shang Youzhou makes person, Lin Yutang, Yu Ping uncle, Feng Wenbing, plain island wait, qian Xuan is the same as, Hu Kuo, Gu Jie firm, Xu Zhi rub, Sun Fuyuan also had expressed many characters on this print. These article academias everybody thumb, the move that prop up " language silk " , although style of their thought tendency, learning is abhorrent, but their article “ is aleatoric and talk, scruple without place, should urge new generation, to the old other people with new deleterious, do his utmost to try to discharge attack ” . Before long, on December 13, 1924, be cacique with Hu Kuo " contemporary comment " weekly also start publication, it is one part once studied abroad the colleague journal that Euramerican college professor establishs, ” of organized body of arrange “ contemporary review is made up, actual by Chen Yuan, Xu Zhi rub wait for an editor, contemporary review organized body is published, main contributor has Wang Shijie, Gao Yihan, Hu Kuo, Chen Yuan, Xu Zhi rub, Tang Youren, piece to on December 29, 1928 eventually print, altogether is published 209 period, have 3 additionally period supplement. The 1st into 138 period by Beijing University publication ministry pressworks, after this each period presswork by Shanghai, 16 book size. " contemporary comment " basically publish political comment, when judge, also publish literary work and literary comment at the same time, column of ” of paragraph of current affairs of this print “ and other a few articles, condition of comprehensive review international and China's practical politics, military affairs, economic atmosphere. In literary respect, the academic article that it publishs basically introduces literary notion of the west, object the advocacy of ” of “ revolution literature. The literary work that this print publishs has very large proportion, main author has Yu Dafu, Ling Shuhua, useless name, Laoxiang, Shen Congwen, Jian Xianai, Wang Jingxi, Zhang Ziping, Yang Zhensheng, moustache, still have additionally hear more than 1, Xu Zhi rub, the free verse written in a vernacular of the person such as Hu Kuo, Zhu Dadan, Wang Duqing, Liu Mengwei, Rao Mengkan, still have a few play, among them inchoate work takes writer of ” of “ crescent clique prominent place.
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