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Cheng Zhenqiu
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Cheng Zhenqiu (1919—) Jiangsu appropriate starts a person. University politics fastened graduation in the center of Chongqing 1941, came 1942 institute of section of centrally university law took advanced courses 1944. Come back namely pass an entrance examination is Sino-British age money fellowship, go to flower study abroad, study into Oxford British politics is academic. Went back to the motherland in May 1949, external affairs school is made the same score in north (namely predecessor of university of Beijing foreign language) teach. Since 1956, ever attended party of the Communist Party of China for many times generation of acting meeting, person is met file etc is important the flower interpret final version of document works. Moved the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1965, pursue English final version. Ceng Ren translates room vice director, adviser, expert of foreign language of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, diplomatic college part-time job is taught, diplomacy learns director, association of Chinese interpreter worker is standing the duty such as director. Cheng Zhenqiu rises from 1960, ever attended respectively " Mao Zedong anthology " 1-5 coils the final version of English edition and edit final version works. After 1980, chaired " Zhou En comes anthology " on roll, " Liu Shaoji anthology " on the flower interpret final version that coil works, attend " Deng Xiaoping anthology " English edition is final the final version read through of level, accumulated rich interpreter experience. Write have " translation problem is explored " , " a few issues that discuss Han Yiying " etc, interpret has: " epistolary script elects Chairman Mao " (add up to interpret) . January 2001 by Chinese interpret assist commend for senior interpreter home.

(origin: Chinese interpret assist net)

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