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Gao Mang
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Gao Mang (1926—) pseudonym black Lan Han. Harbin person. 1933-1943 year, go to school in Harbin city. Was in Harbin 1943 " big north signs up for newly " on the prose poem that publishs husband of Nie of division of picture of —— of the first translation. Entered the job of good association of the Su You in Harbin city in Feburary 1945. Bandaliankegen of interpreter Russia writer occupied oersted 1947 Luofusiji's master " iron and steel is how refine becomes " adapted play " gold of examine of the · that protect Er stalking or branch " , ceng Zaiquan country each are big the city is performed. Moved good association of the Su You in Shenyang city northeast 1949, in " northeast pictorial " on publish interpret to make a short story " never drop out " (Gangchaer of former writer Wu Kelan's writer) , chinese schoolbook ever learned in income our country. Moved 1954 (Beijing) in Su You good association always is met, reach in Liaison Division early or late " friendly newspaper " the job. Meantime ever followed Chinese writer, artist to wait for many times go to Russia and Eastern European country are visited or attend the meeting. Moved Chinese writer association 1962 " world literature " magazine editorial office, turned into institute of literature of foreign country of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences 1964. Ceng Ren " world literature " magazine chief editor, read and edit; China is made assist, Chinese beautiful association member, china translates literature of foreign country of worker association, China to learn director, in presently friendship association director. 1983 with answered 1987 Russia writer association invites, attend the 6th times toward Moscow before translate domestic international conference with literature of the 7th Russia. Russia writer association translates an activity because of its are engaged in literature effectively for years, award certificate of merit. Interpret makes (all interpret from Russian) have: Russia writer Gangchaer short story collect, accept of Paasche nimble Er overcomes 3 problems autobiography " person and thing " , kadayefu " of the group child " , arrowroot benefit Gu Lisi " clay and china " , kahaer " embroider silk towel " , division Nie Chu Ke " wing " , [Revive] Mayakefusiji " bedbug " , " bathhouse " , [Revive] Afeinuogennuofu " one's own flesh and blood " , husband of Glenn suddenly Nie waits " times of youth of Marx of · blocking Er " (TV series) ; And Pu Xijin, Laimengtuofu, abandon Fu Qin to stalk or branch, cloth peace, Xiesaining, Ahematuowa, Mayakefusiji. In November 2004 by Chinese interpret assist commend for senior interpreter home.

(origin: Chinese interpret assist net)