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The minister translates the home -- Liu Xiliang (Yin Chengdong offers sketch)
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If you let me make an assessment to Comrade Liu Xiliang, my meeting truly ponders the ground to blurt out: “ minister translates the home. ” because this is to come for years the deep impression that he leaves me.
I and comrade of fine of be used to are gotten acquainted with earlier. That was 1966 during the Great Cultural Revolution, I arrive from attune of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the center of compile bureau attend " Mao Zedong anthology " one, 2, 3 interpreter works, comrade Xiliang also the temporarily transfer of ministry of broadcast film TV from at that time will enter this job. Although he is very young in those days,remember, the member that just was arranged to make final version however, namely present interpret careful. Comrade Xiliang is very modest, be determined not to agree, old pal Mr Chen Qinghai of ministry of the couplet in insisting to want presents as leading role. But because everybody is accepted his Spain article level is high, “ to be opposite " Mao Xuan " the interpreter is in charge of ” , people's expectations place returns, still ask his final version finally. The interpreter of 3 books works from 1966 end begins to ended to do 3 years full 1969. In job of these 3 years, I feel the Spanish article of Comrade Xiliang is outstanding really, be not general translator to be able to be compared, its characteristic is 3 words: Essence of life, deep, wide.

A batch of people are centered to translate in the center of 1975 " Mao Xuan " the 5th, comrade Xiliang nature is of course person selected, and this he takes on not only final version works, still hold the post of group leader of Spanish article group. Work more two years in this last a period of time in, he shows the Spanish article talent that gives his adequately not only, and the impression that spirit of his rigorous pursue one's studies and hard-working working style also gave everybody to leave profundity. I am in a problem later " dedicate silently 40 years " Comrade Xiliang mentions in the article translating " Mao Xuan " 5 expression when from time to tome so a few words: Comrade “…… some comrades still would rather be ill the job also does not leave ground, the gastric disease of Comrade Liu Xiliang that holds the post of group leader of Spanish article group at that time for example is very severe, often be to covering single-handed gastric ministry, complexion is cadaverous, ……” of job of ground of a cold sweat really, comrade Xiliang is a clever interpreter home not only, and it is an interpreter home that respects property conscientiously. And clever and respect property conscientiously also the place that just is the key that he gains success. " Mao Xuan " after 5 interpret are over, compile in the center of bureau assume again rose annual National People's Congress and conference of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and the interpreter task of 5 years of Chinese Communist congress. Comrade Xiliang entered this job for years again, although the undersecretary was become in him hind, still be in had come a few times in the midst of pressing affairs. Also mix in these national leader composing just about what he exercised our country can be counted on one's fingers in the interpreter of the document central is medium interpret on the west expert.
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