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Chinese of airport of auspicious dragon slope translates collective abdication
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Reduce two people as interpreter of Chinese of kuala lumpur International Airport, tourism person reach a businessman to fear this kind of circumstance will affect Malaysia to attract tourist of foreign citizen of Chinese origin, especially Chinese tourist.

Originally Malaysia home's mainest airport shares 13 Chinese to translate, but since among them one person is in do sth without authorization of the middle ten days of a month will leave his post in May, again 10 people will reach pay to default problem collective to ask decline because of system of malcontent new pay on May 31, put two interpreters only at present.

Suffer the person that visit to " southern Asia business signs up for " point out, the existence that Chinese translates, it is to offer advantage to grant to know the tourist of Malaysia language and English not quite, let them feel kind, set his mind at to reach get the attention of this country.

Already the Chinese before the airport that with its his 9 people collective resigns translates Li Hanwei to point out, actually kuala lumpur International Airport needs enough Chinese to connect dragoman very much. “ is very much the tourist that comes to China thinks airport stock Chinese connects dragoman to serve for them, it is first-rate measure, and they feel very kind, very happy also. ”

Chen Kai of secretary-general of the friendship association in the horse hopes to point out, he is willing to be station of work of International Airport of intended return kuala lumpur before Chinese interpreter makes arrangement, offer 500 Lin Ji spy for them additional allowance, in order to increase the welfare outside pay system. At the same time he expresses, “ the problem that this is not money, the most important is national dignity, and, this also states we care this thing very much. ”

He says, malaysia government executes Chinese to translate measure is to because utterance is illogical,avoid tourist of foreign citizen of Chinese origin, and the misunderstanding with needless generation, but, become however now such, so special regrettablly.