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China translates general situation
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From trade number
The statistic that released 2003 according to authoritative branch, the personnel of interpreter major technology of appoint to a position of our country existing on guard makes an appointment with 38 thousand more than person, tens of 10 thousand people are engaged in translating the job with different form.
Industrial dimensions
According to not complete count, the translation service unit that at present our country forms by all sorts of economy component has more than 3000 (be in what Beijing registers to have more than 400 only) , year management forehead makes an appointment with 13 billion yuan.

Qualificatory attestation
In March 2003, ministry of national occurrences in human life rolls out interpreter major qualification formally (level) exam, bring into system of certificate of national profession qualification to unite a program. This exam is in charge of solid bestow managing by bureau of Chinese foreign language. End 2005 first half of the year, personnel of to take an examination already accumulative total achieves more than 10000 person-time, exam language expands from original English flower, law, day 3 languages, russia, heart, on the west, the exam of A language also will be held 2006.

Occupation standard
Chinese interpret assist first national level that association of translation service commission and Chinese standardization wove China translates a domain jointly. " the interpreter serves a standard the first part
Written translation " (Specification For Translation Service—Part 1:
Translation) , " quality of translation service translation asks " (Target Text Quality Requirements ForTranslationServices) two standards already were supervised by national technology quality examine quarantine total bureau is announced formally in June 2005 at was being mixed in November 2003 respectively, to normative interpreter service market has important sense.

Interpreter and media travel
Bureau of foreign language of broadcasting station of broadcast of Xinhua news Agency, China International, China, China Daily, CCTV is abroad the center is China the mainstream medium that has interpreter actual strength most at present.
The Xinhua news Agency makes to the world with 24 hours of 7 kinds of languages, uninterrupted ground 130 many countries are offerred everyday news stalks of grain only and stalk of grain especially; Broadcasting station of China International broadcast makes to the world with 43 kinds of languages 200 many countries and area broadcast everyday the program of 192 hours; Bureau of Chinese foreign language has country's only foreign language publishing house, publish external 10 thousand a variety of, books of several foreign language, still publish a variety of foreign language edition at the same time " Beijing weekly " , " now China " , " Chinese pictorial " , and " people China " wait for a magazine, these publication are passed bureau belong to head office of trade of China International books to the world 182 countries and area are issued; " China Daily " it is home also be the first current only national English paper, and open has Hong Kong edition, day circulation 300 thousand,
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