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China obtains the 18th world to translate congress to sponsor authority
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The international interpreter home that holds in thunder of admire of calm of Finnish south city is allied and formal on member congress, china obtains what the 18th world translated congress 2008 to sponsor authority. Chinese Shanghai will serve as what this world translates congress to hold a city.

The speech after China translates Xi Liang of association chairman Liu to announce in the result says, alliance of international interpreter home translates association this to sponsor by China certainly the 18th world translated congress 2008, the attention that is progress of pair of Chinese interpreter career and approbate. The 18th world translated congress 2008 will be the first time grand meeting that translates a bound in the international that Asia and China hold. China translates association to will be prepared actively, the congress of interpreter of the 18th world that makes be held in Shanghai becomes successful international meeting.

Vice-chairman of Chinese interpreter association holds secretary-general concurrently Huang Youyi and Qiu Juliang of vice-chairman of association of interpreter of science and technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences are elected to translate an allied director for international again on the conference that day.

China translates association (China translates original name worker association) held water 1982, translate an alliance at joining international formally 1987, it is the membership organization with the largest alliance of international interpreter home.

Alliance of international interpreter home is the interpreter worker syndicate of the authority on international, enjoy class of U.N. Educational A to seek advice from a position, have 115 memberships organization at present. The world translates congress 3 years every to be held. (be over)