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Interpreter economy
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Interpreter economy -- expect industrialization

The interpreter is having quite main effect undoubtedly to national economy and the development that open to the outside world. Of communication of home market of the international after joining WTO as China and shirt-sleeve pace accelerate, the speed that interpreter market is having no before is swift and violent develop. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai world rich met 2010 hold more the progress that gives an interpreter the market brings rare development opportunity.
In November 2003, by China interpreter of interpreter worker association serves committee to initiate and draft " the interpreter serves a standard written translation of the first part " , classics nation quality is supervised examine after quarantine total bureau is examined and approve promulgate formally. This standard made clear a client to should serve the necessary support that just provides to the interpreter, just translating deadline of quality, interpreter, interpreter to the interpreter the respect such as confidential, additional service made detailed and specific provision. The first it is domain of our country interpreter serves normative important file about translating the market to manage, its publish the arrival that will thrust moves China to translate economic industrialization.

Market prospect is tremendous and capacious
At present the whole world translates the annual produce of the market to exceed 13 billion dollar, asia-Pacific area occupies 30% China market to be 12 billion yuan of RMBs about. International authority orgnaization translates the investigation of the market to show to the world, the dimensions that translates the market will reach 22.7 billion dollar 2005, and the sale that China will achieve 20 billion yuan of RMBs, development space is vast. And of market of business affairs of the electron between the uses range amplification as Internet and international mature with each passing day, to 2007, the interpreter professional work that makes the interpreter of foreign language character on the webpage native language will attain the market scale of 1.7 billion dollar.
In the meantime, those who be engaged in translating a service is enterprise or business unit and personnel also are in mushroom. The material that according to Beijing registration book of company of industrial and commercial bureau handles shows, before 1998, the business that the name with center of translation firm, interpreter or interpreter company registers Beijing does not cross 109, and up to 800 above had been achieved by 2002. The sort of the service and means are increasingly various, include artificial interpreter, mechanical interpreter, translation software and the localization that the website nods to wait a moment. Construction of echelon formation of service qualified personnel also gets attention with each passing day, u.N. Educational appointed and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan to translate talent supply town for the foreign language in China. The interpreter team of the nearly 500 thousand person that by national ministries and commissions overseas Chinese of emeritus interpreter, homecoming, student studying abroad reachs the composition such as foreign language professional is active the market is translated in China in.
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