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High quality translates a talent to be used not quite
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As the country the door is opened wide to the world increasingly, external what the huge demand that economic culture communicates brought interpreter amount and variety is great and rich, the “ that China has become be worthy of translates big country ” . However, worker association is translated in the China that just ends on the 5th National Council, numerous the interpreter that attend the meeting learns the home people discover however, although China is “ interpreter big country ” , far however do not say to go up ” of “ interpreter powerful nation. According to statistic, 1978 to 1990, the whole nation is published in all translate kind of work to have twenty-eight thousand five hundred kinds; And came 1995 2003, translate kind of new book (do not include retranslate and much version interpret to write) quantitative high speed grows, achieve ninety-four thousand four hundred kinds.

With literary interpreter quality low problem photograph is compared, the interpreter accident phenomenon in daily life is more serious.

Causing the chief reason with overall interpreter not high level is interpreter talent, especially deficient of high level person with ability, cannot satisfy the real requirement of society and market far. Chinese interpret assist offerred data shows, china has the interpreter professional of on guard appoint to a position to make an appointment with 60 thousand person, the interpreter guards estimation to amount to 500 thousand person from personnel of course of study. Even so, existing interpreter team still cannot satisfy huge market demand. Above all, personnel of domestic professional foreign language is little, center in the city that a few economy developeds relatively and government sector again; Next, outside because the job in interpret is relatively easy, talent gap is not big, but the high quality talent that can work outside the interpret in competency is not worth badly, reckon breach is as high as 90% above.

The interpreter major qualification that human affairs ministry unites at beginning try out whole nation 2003 (level) it is the most important that the exam is called what bound of “ China interpreter obtains in recent years by home of a lot of interpreters one of progress ” . Current, this one exam already was held twice, about 4600 people are referenced, average percent of pass is 30% .