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Translate IT and development
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Interpreter IT and develop

When we are talking about interpreter IT today, had reached its to form to this market had brand-new knowledge, even this title itself also confirm this kind of change. We always talked in the past: Dictionary and full text interpreter are waited a moment, now, all these technologies induce together entirely, a general designation is " interpreter IT " .

"Interpreter IT " mirrorred us from it is oriented change with the market and client forward to direct with the technology. The effective demand itself of a client is diversiform: Be like: In foreign travel, somebody may need a kind of dictionary to help him search the course that answers hotel; When work, somebody may need have the aid of the technical data that tool of a kind of translation system will come to help an interpreter concern uses a modern word: Science and technology is with the person this. Graph the 1 client that leads next getting in this kind of thought namely and intention of product fixed position.

1, transverse it is product axis: A/B/C/D pillar represented product of IT of 4 kinds of interpreters respectively, the width of post represented the mature level with this current technology, clearly, the dictionary matures most and full text translates lowest. Columnar the clearance between represented the gap between the product. As technical progress, column experiences progressively dilate thereby close is different the aperture between the product, down to becomes repeatedly finally, this is culminating development target.

2, fore-and-aft it is user axis: E/F/G/H meaning kind with at cross axle, ask an attention: Mobile phone and PDA are occurrent confluence, both close 2 had appeared for the case of one, this is a huge market; The concept of group user is: A group cooperates to complete a work jointly each other, working environment is a local area network commonly, or some a few members pass wide area newwork (for instance Internet) contact together with other member. Anyhow, the knowledge that they need to exchange each other at any time, skill or workload, and working plan also relies on them between cooperate effectively.

Very apparent, cross axle and x-axis have 16 crossing, represented the market of 16 fractionize respectively. In these markets, some had been developed very maturely, the dictionary product that uses on personal computer for instance, still have the dictionary on PDA; Still have a few, because technology and product still do not have pass a barrier, the development of the market still is in primary level, the circumstance that for instance full text translates a product to be faced with in place of all client group.

In the graph, I use I/J/K/M line out 4 markets, this is to be in short-term inside the link that will be faced with a breakthrough, be in the near future the market point of growth inside. Center expression to be in:

1, the dictionary application in group client (I) : What the network edition of the dictionary points to is the gather of dictionary server and client desktop. Dictionary server has function of self-study be used to, can the means collect term with similar.net, the content that and send the client comes adds up to hand-in-hand dictionary library newlier, so that be other client,serve. Will tell to a group client, the value of network edition dictionary is very great, on the desktop that is everybody anything but place of dictionary of edition of a stand-alone can rival deploy.
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