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"Interpreter culture series is free lecture " be welcomed
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Xinhua net Beijing on August 10 report (reporter Li Jiangtao) from bureau of national foreign language education groomed recently the center understands, education of bureau of Chinese foreign language grooms the series of " interpreter culture that center and national library begin to be held jointly first year after year nowadays is free since lecture " , cause extensive echo socially, field field explodes full. Education of bureau of Chinese foreign language grooms director of central king glad says, translate series lecture to gain ground, let more people can acquire knowledge, our specially invites abroad's distinguished expert scholar, professor of scholar of domestic cultural circles and broad interpreter lover communication are discussed, every months of metropolis will invite be the speaker of scholar of domestic and international famous expert henceforth, for broad interpreter lover offers more study opportunities he says, every lecture of annual will translate the theme of culture " to spread out around " , the problem such as strategy of the difference that involves culture of interpreter theory, Chinese and Western, culture and interpreter, interpreter and skill. Lecture form is agile, deserve to have a large number of interactive link, education of bureau of Chinese foreign language grooms the center opens a website for this specially Www.wwjtraining.com and advisory phone: 010-68488047/8. (be over) data sources: Http://www.bj.xinhuanet.com/bjfs/2006-08/11/content_7751072.htm