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"The interpreter literature on foreign literature periodical " academic lecture
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Late November 13, the “ that sponsors by foreign language institute reachs the world from translation literature -- the lecture of learning of interpreter literature ” on foreign literature periodical is in multi-purpose building 505 hold ceremoniously. Dr. Wang Yougui has the doctoral student teacher that this second lecture invited university of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language tuitional. Su Minghua of Li Xinbo of Shan Ke of Cao of foreign language prexy, assistant dean, vice secretary and numerous teachers and students attended this second lecture. On the lecture, dr. Wang Yougui from since founding a state " translation " periodical (hind incognito " world literature " ) development history is told case, elaborate to us " translation " its are reached to be since start publication in the different meaning of different historical level obtains result. Subsequently Dr. Wang is picked took a part to ever was in " translation " on published serious article and its author have the introduction with detailed know clearly to us, let us be translated in our country to this rise on literature hold the balance the knowledge that the periodical of action had profundity, be benefited from which phenanthrene is shallow. Finally, dr. Wang Yougui undertook summing up to the lecture, emphasized again " translation " the important place that has on literature of our country interpreter and its history sense. Final, the lecture ends smoothly in the enthusiastic applause of attendant teachers and students.