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Lecture of interpreter culture series continues 7 years to roll out
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The reporter understood in bureau of Chinese foreign language recently, education of bureau of Chinese foreign language grooms the center continues to roll out in 7 years " lecture of interpreter culture series " , deputy director general of bureau of article of the abroad in inviting at the appointed time Mr Huang Youyi is grooming on Feburary 3 the center makes chair of series of culture of 7 years of interpreters the first tell: The culture problem in Han Yiying. Translating culture series lecture is foreign language bureau education grooms the commonweal sex lecture that the center sponsors, in a year of in the past, " lecture of interpreter culture series " the enthusiastic echo that got a society. Education of foreign language bureau grooms director of central king glad says: The honored guest of give a lecture that this series lecture invites “ is home's famous interpreter expert, it is to groom mostly central adviser, we will continue this year " lecture of interpreter culture series " do, will refine content of lecture of interpreter culture series from deep administrative levels, the expert that invites abroad and harbor mesa area even will make a chair, for broad interpreter lover offers an opportunity that communicates with the Great Master, so that serve a society better, contented interpreter lover people demand. ”Occupy Director Wang Xin to tell, this lecture spot Mr Huang Youyi will relate the interesting culture story that encounters in Han Yiying process, bewildering culture is interrogative, and fetching and thoughtful culture clash, attention and evasive problem answer in explain Han Yiying process with this, how to go undertaking through the interpreter culture is changed ably, make translation more pure and apt, be worth everybody to pay close attention to. Data sources: Http://www.enet.com.cn/article/2007/0201/A20070201420078.shtml