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Xiaotan basic skill and speech -- Wuhan university Luo Yu
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Individual brief introduction: Luo Yu, institute of science of Wuhan university life 05 class student. Obtained trials of match of speech of English of undergraduate of ” of cup of century of Wuhan university “21 2006 the first, went to Hong Kong to attend total final to win third class award on behalf of Wuhan university 2007. Attended Hubei of match of speech of English of 2007“CCTV cup ” to save first prize on behalf of Wuhan university 2007, acquire the ticket that joins countrywide semifinal in Beijing. Humanness is hopeful, optimistic, humorous, love calligraphy of vocal music, good drawing, reading and insect specimen. It is “ SARS ” from ridicule (the student of unripe division courtyard that is not typical sex) , enter a school enters multinomial activity two years, a lot of knowledge were acquired to also build a lot of friendship in the activity.
Actually very ashamed write this thing. Experience ground heals much, detect oneself are insufficiently more. I from big 2 attempts play English speech game, favour is looked like greatly as fierce is the first blame flower only the student plays game of speech of English of undergraduate of whole nation of ” of “21 century cup, although the result is bad, but grew many experience really. Through this harden oneself, knew at 2 o'clock: The first, how to show oneself advantage to everybody. Crack oneself up is humorous once upon a time, the station returns pretty to resemble a leader to table. Stand to speech stage to just discover oneself those have bit of almost full play not to come out. This need seeks scenic perception more, overcome Stage Fright, seek an opportunity frequently diligent exercise. The 2nd, it is the deadliest of course, it is basic skill problem. I do not believe and so on of ” of English of what “ bedlamite, the study that does not believe a language is result of a few days. The courage with the experienced very frantic need of mad English and perseverance. Cite a few case casually, everybody has a look at the speech of 楯 of more than 皪 , willow and Chen Dong, strongly experience gives their deep language work force. Why him sentence that the someone speaks out casually looks not easy however sometimes clear. No matter be the conception that wording and phrasing or craftsmanship provide alone, very assist. But think again, it is a Chinese together, do not have the language environment of English country likewise, they have such result, the assiduous cent with theirs does not leave. So, of basic skill rise, want to rely on oneself all-around effort. And assiduous, do not have experience, of need is dedicated experience only.
Imitate with read, the stupiddest the most effective

Here the thing that I must share a value only. How does that drill namely excellent speech dialect, this is this is worth exclusively small proud. The Xiu Lian of period of time is passed when junior high school, experienced the Ying Yin of a standard of comparison. I thank my illuminative teacher very much, he is called by work in the same placing “Mr. BBC” , kongfu sees one spot. He tells me, speech dialect, should imitate namely with read, the stupiddest method also is the most effective method. I began those who last 3 years to imitate with read career. I grow below the day foot of a hill of Xinjiang, in mining area besides " new idea English " have other teaching material hardly. Still remember up to now every weekend near 10 hours with read and just stop, nevertheless my Mom does not say me later, the speech because of me the ” of curiums wood battle evolution is like the achieve on Buddhist E Ling to wear to “ great musical composition from a two-stinted bowed instrument with a lower register than Jingo. I like the speech dialect of ” of old “ new idea very, very pure and listening very comfortable (although had been seemingly,had some of antiquated Ying Yin a little) .
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