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The indissoluble predestined relationship with English speech contest -- interme
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The intermediate of indissoluble Cheng of university of Henan of predestined relationship —— with English speech contest
Ever was like next bear the palm to experience:
1.Henan university ‘ moved toward first prize of match of speech of English of world cup ’ 2005;
2.Henan saved contest of speech of English of match of undergraduate English speech and whole nation of ‘cctv cup ’ 2006 (contest of the following abbreviation) Henan competion area is second-class award;
3.Contest of countrywide undergraduate English is professional 2007 award of group third class;
4.Henan saved match of undergraduate English speech and contest first prize 2007;
5.Contest of Chinese imitate U.N. is honorary 2007 award.
Love to read a novel at ordinary times, experienced calligraphy, watch football game, amateur writes some of sports comment.
English secret book: The solilo-quize says English
English study already had several year, the company grinds to make an appointment with draft this to give me the chance of a summary outside acknowledgment, arrange the feeling that arranges English study. I do not belong to the good student on the sort of traditional sense, from my study at this o'clock achievement sees one spot. Since mention colloquial exercise, I had not gone up to resemble new east already, new west this kind of spoken language grooms the school, the English horn within that is in the school often appears and disappear when also be being done not have, the intermediary heat phase that can enter this second contest is pure belong to lucky. At ordinary times an eccentricity compares good solilo-quize (say English ah) , experience information of a day chat a little with oneself. This is the actually earliest the method that is a solution pressing that I achieve oneself, come rein in rhythm strives for efficiency. Do not want to insert willow involuntarily, follow unship of English speech match however the predestined relationship that indissoluble.
Use electronic dictionary less as far as possible
Here recommends a few books and friends to share, be Mr Qian Gechuan originally " interpreter informal discussion " , it is philosophical book is called originally " Su Fei's world " , contain the very strong colour that think of differentiate. Still have even if what my individual uses is outside grind the company goes " Lang Wen is contemporary and advanced English dictionary " , with Ying Ying the dictionary can practice English thinking means, use electronic dictionary less as far as possible.
Language study is a lengthy process, eager for quick success and instant benefit is not long plan. Oneself should have method of oneself a study, although your progress is again little, so that other people is right this is negligible not plan, but oneself are met secretly surprise, cheer to oneself. English study travels together, we no longer alone.
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