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English studies secret record: Capture all opportunities to learn English -- Zhe
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I am major of news of broadcasting television of College of the Humanities of Zhejiang industry university big 4 students 玥, this second it is the 2nd play CCTV CUP game. Was last year in Zhejiang province final, my Qu Ju the 4th brush a shoulder with countrywide semifinal and pass, this year my stage a come back, achieved a breakthrough eventually. Stem from the insanity to English to have deep love for, during the university I attended the match of a lot of English respects, had obtained a few result, the astral flower locution that for instance 2007CCTV“ greets Olympic Games ” to hope collects second place of contest whole nation; 10 beautiful interpreters of whole nation of “ of competition of large award of ambassador of figure of interpreter of the 2nd whole nation, provide knowledge award ” most; The competion area of the eastpart part of contest of speech of English of whole nation of astral cup ” of “21 century Macao is second-class award; Award of special grade of contest of English of undergraduate of the 8th whole nation; Large award of first oral interpretation of Hangzhou city surpasses runner-up to wait.
Outside dividing English, I still love athletic sports, ever was the member of school net team, basket team, had acquired the school 3 pairs of 3 basketball surpass woman of games of the 2nd name, school 3 all-round the 5th achievement such as the name. My professional ideal is to become a sports journalist, go in the report that enlists sports match personally. I also am fond of all sorts of student activities, ever held the position of an institute to separate a group appoint vice secretary, academic innovation base is humanitarian assistant president of day new company, the courtyard signs up for " humanitarian day signs up for newly " the post such as minister of ministry of sports of society of group of chief editor, college, monitor, develop oneself ability adequately, communicate extensively with the student. It is at ordinary times besides study, job, see a movie, read, travel, sing the means that etc is my edify sentiment.
Interest is best teacher. I am avowed some languages endowment, having inherent good opinion to the foreign language, so average student hears unlike English color changes, always be can happy amid. Elementary school contacts English for the first time when 5 grade I fell in love with it, be in those who learn textbook knowledge, I am returned everything is OK beside attention the place of derive English. Go out at ordinary times the billboard that I always can notice roadside and shop name, recall their English version. Western film and music let me develop language sense in relaxed atmosphere, master pure pronunciation. Let broad classmate have a headache unceasingly the word is remembered hardly how irritated cross me. Because I do not carry a word on the back. I advocate to remember a word in discourse and words condition all the time, through understanding carelessness to securing the con of article or text, be nothing difficult of new word nature. The time that in colloquial respect I spend is maximum. I think English is a tool all the time, smooth be an armchair strategist cannot apply in communicating actually bedraggled. So I seize all sorts of English-speaking opportunities: Attend class match of speech of horn of answer problem, English, English, make friend with the foreigner, even the solilo-quize is the means that I practice. Some classmates always blame the environment that does not have study English, actually the environment is OK oneself build. I often imitate the character in English film one person cent acts the role of much horn to have a practice.
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