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English controversy surpasses semifinals -- Vs of university of central finance
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Dozenth English controversy surpassed a FLTRP cup whole nation to already entered nervous and intense semifinal. Be in on May 25 morning advocate the first semifinal that the assembly room holds, mix by university of central finance and economics China in the Normal University undertakes, the title is “ China the one part that should collect individual income uses ” of Yu Cishan career. Two are to cross the strong line that closes behead general all the way, showed the elegant demeanour of outstanding argue hand adequately in the match.
Square one argue, the He Jingkai of the money in coming from and his partner division of labor is clear, cooperate tacit understanding, begin to point out their definition clearly in the match, namely China should collect income of a day to all officeholder, with hereat the raise donations of relieve the people in disaster of Ci Wenchuan earthquake works. Elaborating at present Chinese current situation, namely of the serious consequence of earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River and Chinese officeholder amount hind, they gave out value judge standard: The first, the sense of responsibility of indication officeholder and mission feel, the 2nd, help the stricken people in the earthquake. They explained immediately in detail the feasibility of the policy that they make and policy, gave out 4 strong argument. 2 argue have those who emphasize the special status that stressed officeholder and their place bear in her speech bigger liability, at the same time she points out, what what they value is officeholder is the first the extensive influence that this with one action uses relieve the people in disaster to be able to arise in people.
Instead square two schoolgirls look be like effeminate, however incompact understand the argument that elaborated them slow. They think, charities should be people is initiative, no matter be officeholder or ordinary people, should be not forced to go contribution, the policy of square is to them one kind of human rights is violated. In the meantime, they still oppugned the feasibility of square policy, 3 their policy were elaborated in the speech in hand of the 2nd argue, push way of existing charities, raise the wind namely and more emphasize the consciousness that raises people, advocate people consciousness contribution.
Whole debate is very intense, both sides of positive and negative is holding a dominant position alternately, two put forward biting POI ceaselessly, bring Dechangnei blast an applause. Especially square of one argue He Jingkai refute a speech finally, argument clarity is strong, lecture impassioned, full-court erupts enthusiastic applause. Final, in the center of square team of college of finance and economics with the 6 victories that won the contest than the weak dominant position of 5, be able to promote the total final afternoon. Let us wish they are lucky!
Data sources: Http://www.fltrp.com/newsdetail.cfm? Icntno=62362&channel=1
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