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Zhang Lihua of teacher lecturer of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language
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Zhang Lihua
Female, cantonese
University of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language is advanced interpreter institute instructor
Linguistics of foreign country of university of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language reachs applied linguistics Master
Study way: Oral interpretation theory and practice
Academic research
1) " Chinese-English classifies oral interpretation dictionary " , ginseng make up, ISBN 7-5062-5142-6, world books published a company in January 2003
2) " the interpreter studies a keyword " , ginseng make up, ISBN7-5600-4441-7/H.2096, in October 2004 foreign language education and research press
3) follow the action in reading an exercise to train in simultaneous interpretation by shadow, " oral interpretation studies new sound " , opened beneficial publishing house in March 2002
Scientific research project:
College of province of Guangdong of office of Guangdong province education is contemporary in July 2004 educational skill“151”Project special subject of ” of mode of interactive type training learns oral interpretation of “ of the 3rd batch of project approving the website is main participant
Outstanding education achievement
Reform of system of course of professional oral interpretation and construction (provincial and second-class award)
Oral interpretation practice
Have rich oral interpretation to carry out experience, had offerred oral interpretation to serve for a lot of countries and leader of province municipal government, include Clinton of the president before the United States among them, england is stationed in China ambassador and minister of science and technology, vice-chairman of committee member of countrywide National People's Congress is become think of danger, guangdong saves governor Lu Ruihua and Huang Huahua to wait a moment. At this late hour, had served to crossed 100 international conference to offer simultaneous interpretation, service object includes: Is ⑾ of cake of  of ⑷ Hui  low often besmear before exhausted  of  of  of  dropping pretty standard  of Jin of Zhan of bright buy of ⒚ of  of В of  of small box of account making fun of  does  of Se of Cong of 9 cut down unplug Da Yan is worth H of caries  channel to feed   Zhan to be stupefied  [ Mi Chang?
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