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Chapter 袆 obtains whole nation of Han element sound to translate large award
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The 17th Han Suyin's youth translated award to had been announced 2005, in Ying Yihan part, the most conspicuous in gainer of two of this year second-class award is the chapter 袆 that comes from school of Shanghai new east, a girl of 23 years old.
" of annual award of interpreter of youth of sound of " Han element is flower book writer of famous foreign citizen of Chinese origin Ms. Han Suyin is Chinese kid technically to establish, it is domestic norms all the time highest, take part in the match the number is maximum, the interpreter contest with the widest incidence, from Chinese interpret assist " China is translated " since the magazine was held 1989, had held seventeen already successfully up to now. The player pervades the personnel of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of our country all trades and professions, interpreter and English lover, in the meantime, the organizing committee still received those who come from the country such as the United States, England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand to take part in the match manuscript. There are any same things on the world is perfect, mix in view of the esteem to interpreter and culture of Chinese and Western rigorous, the contest holds 17 years to come, first prize is vacant all the time.
2005, chapter 袆 of 23 years old becomes the second-class award gainer with the smallest age of 17 Ying Yihan, become in fact the whole nation the first. This award obtain proved chapter 袆 is inside countrywide limits greatly the interpreter actual strength of the first of all. Be worth what carry is, chapter 袆 is this year not only a the age in second-class award is the smallest, and it is the youngest in gainer of all previous and second-class award, the professional interpreter staff that chapter 袆 understood interpreter actual strength of the youth to exceed certain experience to abound apparently with factual disease, the youth is well worth doing in interpreter domain. In Han Yiying part, chapter 袆 also obtained right result, won winning prize.
Although “ second-class award can show a few actual strength and stuff, but not be completely. In translating a process the manner decides everything, translate more successfully, because I do this thing attentively,basically be, ‘ intention ’ surpasses my life experience and language level. ” chapter 袆 is very modest, she has feeling ground greatly to say, “ interpreter is a the easiest despair and frustrated thing, the vast difference of system of language backside culture lets an interpreter become special hard accurate hold, especially of English straight white cannot Chinese broad and profound reflect adequately, and English accurate interpreter needs deep Chinese more into beautiful Chinese strength and the understanding to culture of two kinds of languages and hold. Accordingly, add embellish to become very important more on faithful and textual foundation. ”
The chapter 袆 of major of English of college of industry of Hua Dong grain, the interpreter that just learned one year can gain such success, the ability that has to say she holds to the language is first-rate. Love her what read a novel at ordinary times, antonym character character is very sensitive. No matter be Chinese or English, she likes the aesthetic feeling of language itself and lasting appeal, like the air of language itself and rhythm, can say, of formally of her antonym character sensitive exceed what she conveys content to the language to hold ability far. Big 2 begin to contact an interpreter, in language world Li Ao swims, chapter 袆 feel just like a fish in water, apply freely. Just big 3 she adopted advanced oral interpretation, TOEFL also is passed with high component, she what just graduate nowadays is recommended by the school the graduate student continues to take advanced courses.
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